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Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin® is a leading career and competency development organization with focus on value creation. We are into the business of training, skill development, assessment centres, content services and higher education. Our dream is to establish 'Henry Harvin®' in line with the vision of Mr.Henry Dunster 400 years ago which now resonates in the form of a prestigious educational institution respected worldwide.

Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews

Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews

In this complex information age, employees who are forward-thinkers realize that in the event that they and their organization have to flourish, they have to go beyond their sets of responsibilities. They need to rise higher to meet the most demanding communication frontier – creating honest information and stories that are valued by their important audiences. 

Content strategy plays an important role here which gives thought leadership. Content writing has been one of the most in-demand skills and businesses have progressed with its increasing role. Presently making over a million opportunities, this industry is on the ascent and numerous students and professionals look forward to learning this expertise.

Discussions are the regular way individuals consider complex issues. It empowers individuals to enhance their understanding and commitment with the organization. Content Strategy specialists know how to utilize words, pictures, video, and social and portable media to associate with their most significant crowd with trustable, noteworthy data that the audience value and use. They use their proven tools and techniques to enhance audiences’ experiences and interest.

You may have done a lot of research online to find out the most valuable institute to pursue your course in Content Writing. If you want to rise in your career path, now is the time that you look for a trusted Institute for your learning. There are many Institutes in the industry in competition offering courses and many are confused and want to know which one they should go for. Here, we make a detailed comparison of Henry Harvin vs IIM Skills. Henry Harvin education takes pride in its remarkable way of offering you the best classroom courses in Content Writing.

Transform your composing style through a learning circle of lively classes, interesting and thought-provoking assignments, personalized meetings and live activities offered by Henry Harvin content writing course online. The mix of the online and offline class environment encourages and empowers the participants from various locations to share their experiences and gain from one another. 

About the course and certification

Henry Harvin offers a flagship CDCW Certified Digital Content Writer course of 1-month long duration with 32 hours of in-classroom training. The course is carefully structured with

varied topics from the content writing domain. It’s considered the most comprehensive Content Writing course in India. The program cost you INR 9500+applicable taxes.

The certification CDCW creates competent writers. 24 hours live online brush up sessions and furthermore 50 hours of e-learning access are the special add-ons. It's India’s only CW Institute to ensure 100% placement and internship opportunities. Added to this, is a Freelance Project support on completion of the course. They also have access to LMS (Learning Management System) which is a plus point to the course.

Henry Harvin offers Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) certification with affiliations from American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, the Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India. This certification is internationally recognized. IIM Skills Content writing Master Certification on the other hand is accredited globally and offered post completion of this course. 

Quality in Training

Henry Harvin has senior industry professionals having extensive experience of 10+ years in Content writing, Marketing and Strategy and various other domains and industries to deliver the training.  These experts are also on the panel of Henry Harvin Education and have prepared a large number of students and professionals across the nation and currently working in the best organizations in the globe. These trainers are the best resources that students can have, thus mapping truly staggering achievements, which just a few others could accomplish.

Henry Harvin emphasizes on case-studies, practical learning and weekly assignments, apart from the theoretical part. Harvin Education’s Classroom Based Training and Certification course on content writing creates professional content writers, marketers, strategists. Besides, experience the live projects during the training.Students of Henry Harvin have access to recording sessions enabling them to relearn from the lectures..

In comparison, IIM Skills content writing course review states that they have trained instructors who are experts in the industry to conduct their 4-weeks of live classroom training which they call as practical training course and which eliminates the theory. Students are trained in website skills. They keep validating the training as per industry standards. They offer few free tools with Internship and freelance opportunities. 

Training Statistics

 As indicated by the learning industry, by 2025 the e-Learning business sector will arrive at an astounding total market estimation of 325 billion dollars. 

Profitability through online courses is exceptionally high. Individuals have slowly begun to comprehend the effect of internet learning. Thus, the education business has seen a more noteworthy move in students taking up online courses as compared to visiting physical classrooms. 

Henry Harvin has some great details with regards to preparing students. They as an organization, have prepared more than 18000 students which is unquestionably a colossal number and have clubbed them in 700+ batches. Henry Harvin has in excess of 150 corporate partners and 55+ school accomplices. Henry Harvin’s student reviews talk for the institute. On the contrary, IIM SKILLS is also globally recognized and has prepared about 1500+ students.

Benefits of the course

 “You can gain proficiency through creating 30+ content types and become a Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW professional)” says Henry Harvin. The experience that you receive from the Professional Content Writing allows you to develop essential Language skills to write for international clients. The Certified digital content writer programme is also useful for bloggers, housewives, corporate officials, professionals and business people. It's designed in such a way that the tremendous effort laid out to include the best topics can help turn you into a content writing professional.

The skills achieved to translate thoughts into words taught by Henry Harvin, can be utilised in creating incomparable and best websites. It not only boosts the self-confidence of an individual but also makes them comfortable to accept a critical or challenging role at the workplace.

Besides, it also benefits you with other website making skills through which you can develop effective content to target your audience. Another plus point is learning Graphic skills to design newsletters, PPT, logos etc. Furthermore, you can develop effective content strategy by way of advanced research skills. 

Henry Harvin besides being well known for its content writing course, trains you in 18 + other courses and segments, management, finance, analytical, law, etc. popular among them being Lean six sigma belts, GST Practitioner, Accounting and Taxation, Business Analytics and Machine Learning, RERA etc. With all the above skills, you are able to get freelance projects in India and overseas.

Henry Harvin reviews give an interesting fact that it's suitable for everyone, from students, bloggers, aspiring writers, professionals, entrepreneurs and even housewives. Irrespective of your educational qualification and your knowledge about content writing, Henry Harvin allows everyone to join, there is no set eligibility criteria to join the Institute. Students are taught the Tools which are important when it comes to executing content writing strategies, SEOs and other areas to turn them into professional writers. All their students have very positive things to share about Henry Harvin content writing course. 

Learnings imparted to students are specific to IIM Skills Contentwritingcourse and DigitalMarketingcourse. In order to shape your business model with reference to Content writing, their Content Writing course helps in developing the essential skills and techniques. The institute says that access is given to the course modules, materials and lecture sessions and students at any point of time makes use of the same.

Delivery Methodologies

 Content writing course is described and clarified by many qualified, talented, experienced and most master certified journalists having good information and knowledge on content composition, different Proficiencies, Marketing, and one of the unique educating techniques. They are a convincing reason why Henry Harvin is giving the best Content Writing Course Online. 

Content Writing Course Online extended by Henry Harvin Institute would convince your thoughtfulness and would certainly interest you to go for this career profession. 

Henry Harvin methodology teaches you how a perfect blend and elegantly composed content is most important to make individuals stick to your Website and get the required information. You can stand up to such excellent outcomes through search engines

Henry Harvin also makes you learn how existing business visionaries/entrepreneurs can scale up their business to the next level by infiltrating into new markets, audience segments, and products through the intensity of content and web.

In comparison to Henry Harvin methodology, IIM skills uses the method to develop analytical and innovative attitudes and skills so as to facilitate change and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational systems;

The curriculum provided by this content writing institute is designed with lots of research to figure out the best in-demand industry skills so that the students can keep up with the ongoing trends of content writing. Reviews of both Henry Harvin and IIM skills say that great emphasis is given on practical aspects of teaching in their content writing course. The students are granted access to premium tools to understand their use and operation in content writing. Through these tools, they learn web development, keyword research, SEO and also explore social media tools.

Career Pathway

 As indicated by the learning industry, by 2025 the e-Learning business sector will arrive at an astounding market estimation of 325 billion dollars. 

Profitability through online courses is exceptionally high. Individuals have slowly begun to comprehend the effect of internet learning. Thus, the education business has seen a more noteworthy move in students taking up online courses as compared to visiting physical classrooms. 

Henry Harvin on completion of the course guarantees the internship of students with Henry Harvin or their partner firms. Exclusively entitled for CDCW professionals, get 100% Support in Placement, Internship and Project Support. It is a very interesting fact that Henry Harvin trains students with over 30 different types of content writing which include Academic writing, Business writing etc., go to the specific details of the content writing course by Henry Harvin. 

You can have a good earning through their Content Writing course modules which include Language Skills, Internet Skill, Creative, Business, Technical writing, Research, Communication and content strategy. Starting from professionals to college students, all those who aim for a salary hike or career growth or just to start a career in this industry, for them, Henry Harvin claims to be the best institute.

Henry Harvin through its courses teaches how to compose clear messages, powerful sales propositions, and remarkable presentations. Henry Harvin, thus offers a job-oriented course with its placement partners. The main focus of Henry Harvin is to make students able to get international clients or sustain freelancing as content writers. 

Comparatively, IIM students get to learn real terminologies of the content writing industry and their working experiences will help them to find proper placements. They are of the view that skills trained by them are capable of helping to earn through various streams. Your capability after the course will help you in your career pathway to find work as a Freelance Content Writer, can think of starting your own content marketing agency, start and run your own profitable blog. 

 Henry Harvin aims to sharpen your writing skills and raise you up in your career path. You can start your career with a content writing job or can become a content analyst or strategist. You can also be a proofreader. Regardless of what you do, incredible writing abilities will make you reliable and undertake creative tasks.

 Post Training Support

 Henry Harvin provides recorded Videos to review and refresh on what you had gone through during the classroom sessions during training.  Also, 2 monthly Brush-up Sessions are provided for 1-year worth Rs.6000, to keep the pace accelerating. 

Students get the chance for Internships, Placements and Projects that relate to professional content writing, promoting and strategy aptitudes. Also, the trained can begin to take up full-time/part-time through outsourcing projects/job work, thereby starting their entrepreneurial journey by way of work-from-home projects.

Post completion of the content writing course from IIM Skills Content Writing course offers a 3-month internship to deserving students. Students need to go through some tests conducted wherein well performing students are taken in for internship.  The students by this way get to learn real nomenclature of the content writing industry, choice of words and working experience which will help them to find proper placements.

To summarize:

 Both the institutes, Henry Harvin and IIM skills have their own way and vision for training students and this was only to provide more clarity and highlight to help people decide which one they should go for.

 Henry Harvin is no doubt well known in the field of content writing, while IIM Skills has some good points too. But finally, when we come to a conclusion, Henry Harvin steps ahead as a choice for taking up the Content Writing course as its CDCW certification is well known due to its well-designed study material and video sessions.  It has few add-on supplements to deliver projects (for eg. Logo software, - e-books, Question Making Software, CW Workbooks and guides, mobile app. Etc) All the more, the course is the best takeaway of your investment.

Henry Harvin is Ranked No.1 Content Writing Course by Trainings360.  Henry Harvin is most preferred as it distinguishes your profile with the global credential of ‘Certified Digital Content Writer’ by using the hallmark of CDCW next to your name.

Therefore, in comparison to IIM Skills and other content writing training institutes, Henry Harvin is a trustworthy, recommended, and competent Institute. If you have a thought in making a profession in a Content Writing, Henry Harvin is unquestionably the right decision for all the students. It is one of the highlighted institutes for determining all the aspects of content writing in depth.


Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews
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After an excessive amount of quest for an online educational plan course, I got myself fortunate to discover a content writing course at Henry Harvin Though I had participated in self learning mode earlier. I participated in the online class mode after watching the recorded sessions of one staff member, which will be useful because we get to know the industry and have hands on experience. <br /> <br /> Urvashi Ma'am has been caring and patient with all of our queries and she ensures that we overcome everything. She has made everything so easy and comfortable. All the technical and internet things were never so simple. <br /> <br /> I'm feeling very confident now, that I will take the exercises learned and move a step ahead being a good content writer. Thank you Henry Harvin for putting up such a great content writing course.
Hello friends, I am Piyush goyal….I hope this review will help you...Henry Harvin offers a content writing course with detailed modules covering required topics. The online classes run easily with the accessibility of open conversation, doubts clearing sessions and interactive tasks. <br /> <br /> This course is all around organized and extremely well taught. When the course work began our mentor Ms. Uravshi Chaudry was clear with what and how the course worked and her assumptions from us. She has great information and ensures each of our questions is answered. She challenges us and brings the best out of every one of us. My interest in learning content writing is getting increased with each class. <br /> <br /> The overall speaking experience is excellent. I highly recommend this course for newbies.
Hello Friends I am Sunaina, Here I am to share my viewpoint on my content writing training.<br /> <br /> I recently joined the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course, discovering the course is beautiful, canny and supportive to create and sharpen my writing abilities. The course module is very well structured and covers all critical concepts. This course also expands my curiosity to do research and to study more about different writing skills that are available. The training period is phenomenal as far as the course, module, classes and study materials. The trainers are well knowledgeable cum experienced. <br /> <br /> No issues up until now. Happy I joined!
I am currently doing a content writing course in Henry Harvin Education, Noida. This course is all around organized and extremely well taught. My interest in learning content writing is getting upgraded with each class. This course has opened a total new world for me. In the most recent weeks since I have started this course, I have gained tremendous information on how to go about writing.<br /> <br /> Ms. Uravshi Chaudry was clear with what and how the course worked and her assumptions from us. She has great information and ensures every one of our questions is replied to. She challenges us and brings the best out of every one of us.<br /> <br /> Indeed, when I complete this course, I might want to join the Creative Writing course to sharpen my skills
Hi everyone, I am currently pursuing a Content Writing Course at Henry Harvin Institute. For quite a while I was searching for a training center that can help me to polish my content writing skills and yes this is the one.<br /> When the course work began our mentor Ms. Uravshi Chaudry was clear with what and how the course worked and her assumptions from us. She has great information and ensures every one of our questions is replied to. She challenges us and brings the best out of every one of us. The course in an entire has everything included from website building to blogging. The modules covered by the class are extremely coordinated and easy to understand as a beginner. <br /> <br /> Thank you Henry Harvin for putting up such a great content writing course.